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Team Building

in Greenville, SC

Be Adventurous! Let us tailor a group event to fit your needs! We offer a wide variety of services for groups. Greenville Glides is centrally located in Greenville SC. We are able to provide on-site team-building events at hotels, corporate offices, and in public parks. Our group events are great for corporations, weddings, family reunions, church functions, and virtually any group scenario. Your options are as limitless as your imagination. Get some ideas from the activities below, mix and match them, or simply ask us to create something just for you – whatever you need, we’ll make it happen!

Team Building Events

Food & Brews Bicycle Tours

Segway Sports

• Polo – small teams will ride their Segways and attempt to score points against the other team by hitting the ball into the goal
• Hoops Star Basketball – See which team can score 10 points first on Segways – a fun twist on a classic American game!
• Beach Ball Bump Volleyball – can you keep the beach ball in the air on a Segway?

Segway Skills Challenges

• Spoon & “Egg” Balance – maneuver through obstacles while using your mouth to carry an “egg” in a spoon
• Lights Out – transfer the flames on small candles to your next teammate by Segway without the flame going out.
• On A Roll – which person will get the furthest on a Segway without breaking the tissue chain?
• Clumsy Waiter – carry a tray loaded with drinks and plates while maneuvering obstacles

Additional Challenge Games

• Musical Segway – round and round you go until the music stops!
• Blind Maze – one team member will be blindfolded and the rest of the team will direct him or her through a short maze